ITC Chief Instructor Martin Smith 7th Dan is available for private or small group tuition in any aspect of the ITC curriculum. It is not possible to list all the benefits of such tuition, so call us and we can arrange an introductory session to discuss and highlight your needs.

Tuition is available in all aspects of the martial arts and personal safety training and is ideal for both men and women, whether beginner or advanced student or at Instructor level. You can train individually or with a partner, the latter being of greater benefit, as it enables better monitoring of progress by the tutor. Sessions can be booked for times to suit you, and the length of the session is up to you depending on various factors such as your experience, the things you want to cover and how often you can attend such sessions.

Remember you can chose your own path and select training in any specific programme within the ITC curriculum or just obtain an over view and then progress on to formal, recognised grades and qualifications within the Institute.

Private Tuition

If you are just starting or are already training in the martial arts or other aspects of personal safety training, you may well be looking for that extra, specialist session, outside of main class tuition. It may be that time does not allow you to train when classes are on, or you want to work on specific needs or interest within the arts, preparation for a grading, a competition or your own personal development.

Small Group

If you have a small group of dedicated students wishing to expand their knowledge in new areas the following sessions are available. The following are costs for training in Nottingham, travel costs must be added if you wish training to take place at your club. All sessions include certificates of attendance to all participants.

Specialised Courses

Martin Smith is both a National and International martial arts trainer and examiner; he is available for training in many aspects of the arts and personal safety. Training is available to small groups at the ITC training centre in Nottingham where Martin is based, or he can travel to your location to carry out training specific to your needs. Group sizes can be from four up to ten and seminar tuition is available to larger groups from twelve upwards.

Within Martinā€˜s own system of Fuseki accelerated training and instructor evaluation to associate instructor is available by means of a variety of training plans, together with grade progression to assistant and full instructor levels (2nd Dan). Martin can conduct seminars at your club or for your group to suit your needs in areas which include:-

  • Long Range Hand and Foot Skills
  • Close Quarter Standing Striking and Grappling
  • Effective Ground Grappling and Defence
  • Specialised Weapons Training (including knife, single and double eskrima stick, short and long stick)
  • Personal Safety/Defensive Tactics
  • Rapid Close Quarter Fighting Skills

Associate ITC Instructor

This qualification is available to those with existing martial arts qualifications and is dependant on proven skills in five core areas of the Fuseki syllabus, these are:-

  • Long Range Striking Skills
  • Footwork/Entry/Limb Destruction Skills
  • Close Quarter Striking Skills
  • Standing and Ground Grappling Skills
  • Weapon Skills (single stick and single knife training)

Associate levels is awarded on assessment of these key areas and attendance at a prescribed number of two hour private tuition sessions held in Nottingham. The number of private sessions is dependant on previous experience and current skill levels, (a minimum requirement would be one session per month for six months, an average would be twelve sessions within one year).

The minimum requirement for entry at associate level is three years continuous training in the martial arts which can be verified with instructors or by means of certification or grading records.