Japan Karate-Do Ryobu-Kai - Shindo Jinen Ryu

JAPAN KARATE-DO RYOBU-KAI (JKR) is a professional, international organisation under the leadership of Yasuhiro (Takehiro) Konishi, 10th Dan, who is the son of the great Yasuhiro Konishi Sensei. JKR has branches located all over the world under the guidance of Kiyoshi Yamazaki, 9th Dan, International Director and Chief Overseas Instructor. The style of Karate taught by JKR is called Shindo Jinen Ryu. The JKR-UK is the only recogonised representatives of the JKR, Ryobu-kai, Ryobukan and the Shindo Jinen Ryu in the UK.

Kiyoshi Yamazaki, 9th Dan, based in Anaheim, California. He is also a member of the World Karate Federation’s Technical Committee, Chairman of the Pan-American Karate Federation’s Technical Committee, and the Chairman of the USA National Karate-do Federation’s Technical Committee.

The Naming of Shindo Jinen Ryu

Yasuhiro Konishi Sensei believed that if you walk a morally correct path in this life, then you are naturally following the divine way. If you train in karate in a natural way and master your body, you will expand your knowledge and experience, and establish a solid foundation for naturally living a morally correct life. On the recommendation of Morihei Ueshiba (the founder of Aikido), Konishi Sensei came to name the system Shindo Jinen-Ryu Karate-Jutsu (“godly, natural style, complete empty-handed way”).

The History of Japan Karate-Do Ryobu-Kai

In September, 1924, Hironishi Ohtsuka, the founder of the Wado-Ryu style of karate, and Gichin Funakoshi, the founder of Shotokan karate, came to the kendo training hall at Keio University. They approached Konishi Sensei with a letter of introduction from Professor Kasuya of Keio University. Mr. Funakoshi asked if it would be possible to use the training hall to practice Ryukyu Kempo To-te jutsu. With Konishi Sensei’s help, Funakoshi established a To-te practice club at Keio University (the first university karate club in Japan). Konishi Sensei, Funakoshi Sensei and Ohtsuka Sensei were the principal instructors. Konishi Sensei continued to instruct a curriculum consisting of kendo, jujitsu, and western boxing at the Ryobu-Kan.

Because of Konishi Sensei’s open-mindedness, many well-known budoka visited Ryobu-Kan during his era, exchanging techniques. Among them were: Kenwa Mabuni (founder of Shito-Ryu Karate), Chojun Miyagi (founder of Goju-Ryu Karate), and Choki Motobu. These three masters influenced Konishi Sensei in various ways and made definitive contributions to Konishi Sensei’s emerging style.

Kiyoshi Yamazaki
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