The Fuseki/Shotokan Programme

The programme draws as its core syllabus the teaching and training methodologies of Kancho Hirokazu Kanazawa 10th Dan, perhaps the greatest exponent of the Shotokan Karate system alive today.

Martin combines this traditional martial art with own teaching methods and incorporates the practical application elements of the martial art Fuseki to make his teaching of Shotokan a blend of practical and traditional training. An approach which will appeal to those seeking both formal Shotokan combined with practices which are relevant to the modern world.

If you are interested in training with Martin, please contact him for further details on private and small group tuition as well as visits to your club as a guest instructor.

Hirokazu Kanazawa


The ITC Fuseki Shotokan system is divided into 12 phases of training.

Phase 1

Kihon single techniques

Phase 2

Gohon and Sanbon kumite

Phase 3

Kihon combinations, Hyoteki practice, Ten No Kata

Phase 4

Kata and Bunkai - Requirement to Shodan
Heian / Tekki / Bassai / Kanku Dai / Enpi / Jion / Jitte

Phase 5

Kihon Ippon Kumite

Phase 6

Jiju Ippon Kumite

Phase 7

Kata and Bunkai - Requirement to Nidan/Sandan
Hangetsu, Tekki 2 and 3, Bassai, Kanku Sho, Gankaku, Sochin, Chinte, Jiin & Nijushiho.

Phase 8

Kaeshi Ippon Kumite, Okuri Jiju Ippon Kumite

Phase 9

Kata and Bunkai - Requirement to Yondan / Godan
Meikyo, Unsu, Wankan, Gojushiho, Gankaku Sho

Phase 10

Happo Kumite (Eight direction), Jiju kumite

Phase 11

Goshin Jutsu

Phase 12

Integration and synthesis